What Strategic Objectives are necessary to accomplish your Vision and Mission?

Strategic Objectives are broad, long-term (2-3 year) focus areas that define fulfillment of the mission.  They are objectives that an organization must achieve to succeed at its strategy.

One fast-start method to creating your strategic objectives is to start by defining broad categories:  Customer Service, Products, Sales and Marketing, Financial, Branding, etc.

Then narrow the category and clarify your objective using “infinite verbs.” Examples include:

  • Customer Service:  Deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Products and Services: Provide products and services that are so valued that our customers are compelled to use them exclusively.

For most organizations, these would be powerful objectives and a necessity to accomplishing a service-oriented vision and mission.  And note that they would be applicable over a couple years.

Next month we’ll continue down the Strategic Planning Model and cover Goals.  I’ll explain how to go to the next step of creating or formulating Goals for each of the Strategic Objectives defined above.

But if you can’t wait, or want to get a strong start on your business’s strategic plan – or even create your Plan 2015 Goals, click here to schedule a complementary goal setting strategy session.

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