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I'm Tom Nehrenz,

  • Personal Performance Coach
  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Small Business Coach-sultant
  • Mastermind Group / Private Board Manager


Why I Coach

I coach to help people develop the skills, behaviors and beliefs they need to succeed. Everyday I see just how difficult and challenging it is for executives, small business owners or leaders to succeed. I’ve made it my personal mission to work with motivated executives who want to achieve the greatness in them. I coach you how to plan better, work smarter, be a leader, and  generate more income so you achieve the business or career results and success you deeply desire.  You will gain a new perspective and make a breakthrough - then suddenly explode with success.  I coach to share in the joy of the breakthrough with you.

And as a bonus, you accomplish your goals much faster and more successfully than you would on your own. Read more...

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Tom Nehrenz, ACC -
Certified Professional Coach
(650) 619-6981

Overcoming Procrastination


Tom presented the topic “Overcoming Procrastination” to a couple of organizations to which I belong. He has a very engaging style and provided some very helpful tips on the sources of procrastination and ways to overcome them. I would highly recommend Tom as a speaker to groups of business professionals as well as to those who are interested in improving their personal lives.

Artie Green, CFP®, MBA
KMVT15 - Silicon Valley Media