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Kudos to Tom Nehrenz and Achieve It Coaching! I have spent the last year working with Tom and in that time I have tripled my billings, developed a strategic plan, created a marketing budget, hired a marketing professional, a bookkeeper and 2 employees. Additionally I have moved into a wonderful new office space. Tom has encouraged me to increase my professional visibility through professional business networking groups and community involvement. Essentially, Tom has groomed me to become the savvy businesswoman I am today.

Barbara A.

Very Impressed

Since my first meeting with Tom, I have been very impressed not only with his knowledge and problem solving skills, but also the genuine concern he shows for the success of his clients. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to bring their business to the next level.

Samantha B

Executive Level Coaching

Tom has helped me immensely regarding my professional growth. Tom understands the workplace dynamic and culture from his many years of service at Intel Corporation. I would highly recommend Tom for executive level coaching; as he understands what it takes to become a success in any organization.

Ronn B

Successful Coaching

After opening the doors to my new company, Tom was able to successfully coach me thru several challenging issues I faced as a new small business owner. I would highly recommend Tom to assist anyone faced with a difficult situation filled with roadblocks.

Greg B

Tom is a great coach!

Tom has taught me how to have difficult conversations. In my daily life, I need to have difficult conversations to negotiating with a client, working with defensive employee or disagreeing coworker. Tom took the time to walk me through conversations without being defensive, listen for the meaning of what is not being said and move from emotion to productive problem solving. Tom is a great coach!

Agnes Schattin
Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Easy to work with

I run a small business that has a six Workshop Series, spread out over a 15 week period, for individuals. Tom provided coaching in two areas: improving my workshop facilitation skills and enhancing my business model. On the facilitation front, he helped me develop a structured way to get feedback both during and in-between the workshops. He then coached me on how to adjust, in real time, what I was doing in the workshop based on the feedback I was receiving. In the end we corded together to develop a Version 2.0 of the workshop series. On the Business Model front, Tom helped me refine my model so it provided a fair return to my two partners, while still providing an attractive return to me. He also coached me on ways to use existing clients and their peers as a marketing channel. During the entire engagement I found Tom’s low key approach and collaborative style make him easy to work with. He was also very knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to working with Tom in the future.

Don l.

Tom helped me to structure my consulting offering

 I first worked with Tom when I participated in a career re-invention workshop where he provided personal career coaching to supplement and reinforce the workshop content. I found Tom very easy to open up to, and his insightful questions and low-key, yet very focused approach really helped me crystallize how I wanted to reshape my professional direction. As a result of this workshop experience, I began developing my own branding consultancy concept, and engaged Tom’s services to help me structure my consulting offering to reflect more of a coaching approach to helping a small business client develop a successful brands. Just as his personal career coaching helped me chart a new career course, Tom’s coaching around my small business ideas really helped me to shape the concept and gave me the confidence to begin talking about my own brand to prospective clients.

Melissa M.

A solid plan

Tom, there are a lot of us struggling to become more successful, to overcome a fear or challenge. We go to work every day, or wish we had a job and can’t seem to find one, and yet we take no action to help us be more successful, to overcome that fear or challenge. About a year ago I was a reasonably new manager and was challenged with not only taking on the responsibilities of a staff but was replacing someone who was very well connected and well known in their position. It was more than a little intimidating. I engaged with you to work through some of my concerns. You were amazing. I came to the first meeting thinking that my most important challenge was to be a good manager and after several meetings, and interviews with my staff, you showed me that my challenge was my networking—or as we tagged it “getting out there.” So you and I put a solid plan together to ensure I became as recognizable as my predecessor. In only a month I was able to turn my hesitation and sometimes outright fear of “getting out there” around and now it is almost second nature.

The amazing part of this process really was the methods you used to determine what the issues really were and how to resolve them. It’s not always the problem you think it is. I can’t recommend You highly enough. You’re thoughtful, professional, very experienced, focused.

Tonni L.

Solutions that were not readily apparent

I approached Tom to help me formulate the exit from my Corporate Position in an effort leave the Company on positive terms. Tom coached me thru what would be a difficult conversation with my boss at the time. Tom’s coaching lead to a strategy that I employed successfully and the separation ended on a positive note. After opening the doors to my new company, Tom was able to successfully coach me thru several challenging issues I faced as a new small business owner. I would highly recommend Tom to assist anyone faced with a difficult situation filled with roadblocks. His unbiased approach helps you to see solutions to problems that were not readily apparent.

Greg B.

Building confidence to succeed

I started working with Tom when I was ready to make a career change but lacked the self-confidence to get out there and sell myself. I tended to get tongue tied around people in positions of power. Tom gave me some great methods for building the confidence I needed to initiate contact rather than passively waiting for it, maintaining confidence when I felt it slipping and for leaving a meeting with a real sense of accomplishment. He took the time to practice these with me and to make sure I understood both what could give me strength and could drain my strength. As a result, I was able to build my network, and am now working in a new job I love. Thanks Tom!

Mac D.

A blessing for my business!

Tom has been a blessing for my business! He is super organized and incredible easy to work with. He helped adding the structure to my business that it was lacking.

Tom is also a great speaker. I attended his “Overcoming Procrastination” seminar before I started working with him and highly recommend to attend one of his (free) seminars to get a first impression. You will not be disappointed!

Stefanie Herzer

Overcoming Procrastination

Tom presented the topic “Overcoming Procrastination” to a couple of organizations to which I belong. He has a very engaging style and provided some very helpful tips on the sources of procrastination and ways to overcome them. I would highly recommend Tom as a speaker to groups of business professionals as well as to those who are interested in improving their personal lives.

Artie Green, CFP®, MBA
KMVT15 - Silicon Valley Media
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